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  Mouse Tutor - Turn any mouse into a one button mouse!


Mouse Tutor is simple to use, just click on the two button mouse icon in the system tray.

A menu will be displayed, select 'Button Mode->One' and the icon will change to the following

When 'One Button' mode is activated, Mouse Tutor will transform any mouse button click into a left mouse button click.  To return the mouse behavior back to normal, just click on the mouse icon and select 'Button Mode->Normal'.


  • Works with any type of mouse.
  • Easy switching between 'One Button' mode and 'Normal' mode.
  • Compatible with most Windows applications (Internet Explorer, 3rd party games, etc)
  • Free 30 day evaluation period.
  • A single license fee covers all the computers in a residential household. (Schools and businesses please contact sales@resilientware.com for licensing options)
  • Requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • No adware or spyware.

Purchase a license key 

Residential license key $9.95

Note: Transaction processed through PayPal; PayPal account not required.

         License key will be sent to the email provided within one business day.


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