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  WinBounds - Kiddos can only access programs that you specify!

WinBounds gives adults peace of mind when kids play on the computer. They don't have to worry that an important file might get deleted or a program uninstalled. Kids can have fun playing games without the temptation of all the computer's functions at their disposal. This creates a safe environment for kids and a lot less worry for adults.

WinBoundsdisables common Windows functions, such as, the Start Menu, Windows Explorer, Control Panel, and many more. Kids can only access programs available on the desktop.

In 3 easy steps, protect your computer from kids by creating a safe and secure sandbox for them to play.

Step 1 - Install WinBounds - Get the latest version at http://www.resilientware.com

Step 2 - Publish programs to the desktop - Create shortcuts to the programs you want the kids to use on the desktop by right clicking on the program's icon in the start menu and select 'Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)'.  Remove any icons on the desktop you don't want the kids to access.

Step 3 - Enable WinBounds - Hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and Delete keys to enable or disable WinBounds.  When WinBounds is enabled the computer's settings, programs, and files are protected from curious kiddos. 


  • Easy setup for any skill level
  • Kids can only run programs available on the desktop
  • Blocks access to Start Menu, Explorer, Control Panel, Clock, Task Manager, Network Settings, and more
  • Customizable list blocks access to any program available on the desktop, such as, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Free 30 day evaluation period.
  • A single license fee covers all the computers in a residential household. (Schools and businesses please contact sales@resilientware.com for licensing options)
  • Requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • No adware or spyware.

Purchase a license key 

Residential license key $9.95
Note: Transaction processed through PayPal; PayPal account not required.

         License key will be sent to the email provided within one business day.


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